Embarrassing Sex Stories: Maddie likes to store things in his ASS!!

My friend Maddie has embarrassing sex stories. The problem is, he doesn’t even realize they’re embarrassing!  He’s such a little sissy, I can get him to crawl around on the floor and do ANYTHING I want! I even made him my sissy maid after he made a big mess!

The last time he was over, I invited my friend, Lauren, too. We had so much fun laughing at the little sissy boy with his tiny cock and all kinds of things stuck in his ass.  Lauren even stuck my remote in his ass!!

That was my favorite part, when we were finding things to shove in his ass as he crawled around naked, his tiny little cock hard.  I even slid a zucchini in his ass and he LOVED it! What a little sissy!

Sing for me, Sissy Boy, sing for me!

Oh no, I was wrong, I just remembered: he likes to sing for us! We made him sing “I feel pretty” ad we just about DIED from laughing so much at him!  We laughed at him and told him he was a little sissy boy and his tiny little cock just got harder.

He started to make a mess and drip cum on my floor, though, so I made him lick it up. When he had cleaned up his cum, we told him to keep going, my floors need to be cleaned. We also stuck a feather duster up his ass so he could dust while he mopped our floor with his tongue!!

He loves it when I record our sessions, too, so I get to laugh about it with my friends until the next time I see him! Having a little sissy boy really makes my day!

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