Stu’s Embarrassing sex stories of CBT

First I must tell you, This is one of many embarrassing sex stories. embarrassing sex stories can range from air escaping a properly pounded pussy resulting in a queef to calling out the wrong fuck buddies name mid squirting orgasm while cum eating. Furthermore, this story has everything in between.

Meanwhile, Notice Team Vagina stars in the aforementioned embarrassing sex stories. Before you go looking for that, I wanna tell you about a different sex story.
Consequently, these little Embarrassing sex stories star a sexy man, his throbbing cock and a pair of aching balls.
After my time of heartbreak, I went on a fucking rampage. A serious cock and cum hungry marathon. I wanted to experience every
man and woman I could. Then It happened, I met Stu. Stu was one of those guys who wanted to please. He told me that I could
do anything I wanted, anything to please me. I just smiled, though usually, I was on the “pleasing” ed.

Something CRAZY came over me, something wild and full of aggression and angst.

I instructed  Stu. watching as he eagerly stripped, hopping on one foot. I had him sit in an office chair, ad I Bound him. I stood
before him Towering. My corset ad ruffle bottom panties fit like a glove. Stu’s eyes darted all over my body. Black satin gloves
reached my elbow. Next,  I rubbed his face and then traced my glove clad finger down the center of his chest and straight to his hard
cock. I squeezed his dick hard. His gave way to a wicked grin. I began gripping harder and thumping the head of his
cock. Stu gritted his teeth. I shoved a pair of my dirty thongs into his mouth before covering it with duct tape.

Eventually, I knelt between Stu’s legs, working my satin fists against his throbbing member. Watching Stu’s face twist in agony. I  raked my log nails from the head down and over-scratching his dick and balls over and over again, alternating the slaps with the
scratches Stu began to blow. I just kept stroking and scratching as his dick oozed cum. When Stu finished cumming, I still wasn’t
finished. Finally, I jerked and stroked and scratched until he screamed and squealed through my filthy panties. Stu’s story is filled
with embarrassing sex stories,  even though it started this way, he still enjoys my nails and being torture tickled.

Afterward, he even wanted to cuddle!

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I Hurt so good.

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