Getting walked in on doesn’t have to become one of your embarrassing sex stories.

Today I was swapping embarrassing sex stories with one of my favorite callers and he asked me if I’d ever been “walked in on during sex.” I thought about it, and realized I have quite a few times . . . thanks to my girlfriend’s nosy (and oh-so needy) kids, of course.

The last time one of them ruined our fun was a few months ago when I was having a lunchtime snack in the kitchen. Nothing tastes better or is more satisfying than my girlfriend’s divine cunt. I was nose deep inside her when one of those little brats yelled out “Mommy!!” once again. Ugh.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend gets turned off when the kids pull one of their coitus-interruptus stunts. Me? Not so. The kids interrupting (or fear of being exposed, etc) doesn’t turn me on with them, but I just don’t see it as a deal breaker. I see it as a GREAT opportunity for saying “Goodnight” or “Go play on your cellphone for another half hour or so!” No need to stop any naughty, grown-up fun!

I have to keep my adult chat voice down while they are awake here in my secret phone sex BDSM lair, too. Isn’t that enough? I don’t give a fuck about being interrupted. And I won’t let it stop me from getting you (or me) off.

Do you have as hungry (i.e., insatiable) a sexual appetite as I do? Even being a phonesex operator barely quenches the tip of my thirst for fucking iceberg. Masturbating is an important everyday practice. I prefer to do it (and to fuck) more than once a day, personally. Do you think about fucking and refuse to be interrupted like I do?

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