Do you have a few Embarrassing Sex Stories you would like to share?  One caller shares his embarrassing story about the “Two Pump Chump.”

Lord help you!  The Urban Dictionary defines the Two Pump Chump as A person incapable of lasting for more than two pelvic thrusts during copulation. Why even bother to have sex with a woman? If being a two pump chump is not humiliating enough. Let’s add insult to injury – two pump chump and two-inch dick.  You might as well eat a bullet.

One of my caller Scott was telling me a few of his Embarrassing Sex Stories. His teeny tiny little dick always made women laugh.  They would never give him a chance.  Always humiliating him for having a small cock and that he could never make a girl cum.

Finally last year, a hot co-worker at the holiday party gave him the chance.  He was gonna get fucked. Scott said they were both a little trashed – kissing, touching and licking. Her pussy was as wet as the Niagara Falls.  His little cock didn’t seem to matter to her.  Everything was going as planned.

Well, what happen next destroyed the moment. Scott was so excited.  He couldn’t wait. Slowly he slipped his little dick inside her drenched pussy. One quick thrust – in and out.  Bam one and done.   It was over before it even started!  “What the fuck was that??” She said.   Scott said her body went limp and she squealed in disappointment.  “What are you a Two Pump Chump?    Needless to say, this was the first of many Embarrassing Sex Stories Scott shared on our call.

Ready to share some of your Embarrassing Sex Stories?

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