Embarrassing sex stories makes her laugh and orgasm at the same time

I know my last blog was about getting caught in the act. Most of the time that is something most people try to avoid. The most embarrassing sex stories are most often from getting caught in the act. I’m pretty sure most phone sex girls have embarrassing sex stories.

When I was 18 I used to visit my boyfriend at his house. His mom lived in a condo. Most of the time she would be down stairs watching t.v. or reading. My boyfriend and I would do homework on his bed with the door closed. We also fucked a lot in his room. I think she thought we only did homework.

We were pretty horny a lot and had a lot of sex. This particular night was no different. We usually spent time in the hot tub drinking beer after we did our homework. I would always feel so sexy and horny as we dried off in his room. We would be naked. I would stare at his sexy body. He had the body of a swimmer. He was really lean but muscular. His cock was thick and 9 inches. I loved to look at him naked. I wanted him extra bad this night.

So I lied down on the bed naked and spread my legs wide open. I started to rub my clit back and forth while I stared at him. He watched me masturbate and his cock started to get really hard. My pussy was so wet and quivering. I wanted him so bad.

He got on top of me and slid his cock right into my wet slippery pussy.

My legs were wide open and in the air. He was pounding me so hard. I was moaning and groaning like a wild animal. Then I felt my orgasm start to build and build. I was cumming so hard when his mom opened the door. She swung it wide open and just stood in the door way staring. My legs were sticking straight up in the air. She yelled his name, ‘Kurt!!!!!”.

He still kept fucking me because he was about to shoot his load! He shot his load right in front of his mom. Boy was I red! Lol. I hope she appreciated her ‘free’ porn or even better free phone sex! Read my other teenage sex story here