Embarrassing Sex Stories: Everyone’s Got Them!

Who doesn’t have some embarrassing sex stories? I know I do! I have a ton of them! And I decided to dedicate this blog to telling you some of them! I love sharing my sex life with you and even mine isn’t always hot and perfect! Sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes things get awkward. And that’s when you get your embarrassing sex stories!

Ok, here’s my first one. I almost can’t believe I’m putting this out on the net! But oh well! Here it goes! I was feeling especially horny one night when I came strolling in from the club. It was during my stripper phase and I had a very good night. I was plastered and I was feeling very sexy. I was staying with a bunch of friends and I went to wake up the guy I was fucking.

There was nowhere private except for the bathroom.

So in we went and he put me on the sink, pulled my panties to the side and started pounding my pussy. I was into it, hardcore. I started to roll my hips in time with him, not realizing what a bad idea that was since I was perched precariously on the sink. Then I fell off. He screamed. But don’t worry, his cock is just fine… now.

There was another time that I called a friend of mine that I was hooking up with at the time. We made the booty call and then when I showed up at his house, we went right to it. Then he threw me down on the bed and got rid of my shorts and panties. He crawled right between my legs and started licking my pussy (which was fantastic! He should win a medal in that event! *wink at you, M!*) Well soon, he slowed down and stopped, even though I wasn’t really close to cumming. I looked at him, barely able to make out his face because we didn’t stop to turn the lights on.

He reached over to turn on the lamp and I gasped. His face was covered in blood!!!

Now I know what you are thinking… I must have gotten a visit from Aunt Flo, right? Wrong, I checked myself (and the calendar) and nope. His nose started bleeding! And it was sooo bad! It looked like someone had been murdered!

Last story for ya’ll is probably my favorite! I was spending some time with my brother. Well he had a friend over that was smoking hot! We waiting and waited for the chance to fuck and it finally came when my brother went for his nightly bike ride. So we ran to his bed and I started getting fucked doggy style. Hard. And the guy kept saying, “This bed is going to break” Well cock hungry me, kept assuring him that it was fine and begging him to keep going. A few seconds later, he jumped off the bed just in time because the bed went down and I went down with it!

After laughing our asses off, we finished up on the floor.

We grabbed a hand towel and wiped up, throwing the hand towel in the hamper. After hurriedly rigging the bed to look ok, I went to take a shower. When I came out fuck boy was in the kitchen and my brother was sitting at the table…. wiping his face… with the cum rag!!! I don’t know how I kept from gasping but I did. And after some small talk and lots of looks passed between fuck boy and I, my brother decides to call it a night. We wish him a good sleep and then start giggling about the towel, forgetting about the bed until we hear a CRASH!

He thought he broke his bed! And he never found out any different until a close friend of mine ratted to him about the bed… and the towel! Luckily I’m still alive! But he didn’t speak to me for a month! Do you see why that is one of my favorite embarrassing sex stories? I love it!

Now that I’ve told you my best story, call and get the best phone sex! And mention Promo “how embarrassing” to get some free phone sex minutes! I’ve got a lot more embarrassing sex stories to tell you! Do you have some? Wanna share?