Electric Wand Play With My Best Friend Was Absolutely Fun!

Electric wand play is kind of scary at first. But, once you start getting really into it… it can become very pleasurable. The pain is so much fun and you can really get off pretty quickly.

So, I have had this Violet Wand in my goody drawer for a few months now. And I really wanted to use it so I had my best friend come over. Since she is my closest fuck buddy and we can have a great time together. I could trust in her to get me off and treat me right with this wand.

She comes over and we are both so excited that we rip our clothes off and jump in my bed. Her perky nipples were begging me to just electrocute them. So, I turn on the wand and start playing with her. She giggled as I let the tiny shocks cross over her nipples.

Her nipples were harder than I had ever seen them before.

And I couldn’t get enough. But, it was my turn so she had me lie down and spread my legs. She started by shocking me on the shoulders and down on my nipples and tits. Then she moves down to my pussy and starts to shock my legs.

Starting with my toes and moving all the way up to my inner thigh. I writhe around just enjoying the feeling of her shocking me. And the pain was intense little stings and I let her spread my legs even farther apart. She starts to shock the top of my pussy mound and lets me feel how intense it is.

This was definitely the best one of my BDSM sex stories and I couldn’t get enough! She teased my pussy lips and all the way down to my ass cheeks. And I just moaned and let her know she was doing a good fucking job. She started to spread my pussy lips apart.

I jumped a little as I feel the wand hover over my left pussy lip. But, I soon let that wash over me and I start to feel the pleasure of the wand. She puts it on my clit and I feel the intense shock on it pulse and make my pussy twitch. I was going to cum already!

She keeps it on my clit and finally… I explode into a huge and intense orgasm. Wow!

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