This new boyfriend of mine is really into anal, he’d told me right from the start, so for his sake I wanted to give it a shot. I’d done it a few times before of course, but I guess the ones I tried it with before were mostly going by what they’d seen in porn, and porn of course is written by guys, for guys. Not with women’s actual pleasure in mind. My guy is very thoughtful though, and he gave me a tube of this desensitizing cream and it really helped.

We did a nice slow, long 69 before we even tried. I gave him a nice, sloppy blow job to get him going and he licked my cunt and made me cum til I was dripping down the insides of my thighs. He then entered my pussy, slowly going in and out. He applied some of the numbing cream for me and we made out for a few minutes while it took effect and then he started fucking me again and I rubbed my clit. His dick was just coated with my juices, then he told me to get on my elbows and put my ass up and he slowly pushed his cock head into my asshole.

It didn’t hurt at all, and I told him to start thrusting and he grabbed me by the hips and was plunging in and out and we got a really good rhythm going and he grabbed my tits and tweaked at my nipples as he fucked my tight ass. It was well lubed up and I just relaxed as I rubbed my clit at the same time and soon enough he said he was about to cum, so I rubbed my shaved pussy faster and came as he shot his load deep inside my tight ass and filled me up til little drops started trickling down the insides of my leg and onto the sheets making little wet spots from our juices.