Ejaculate can happen with AND without permission! Some men get so worked up…usually thinking about me, and they just can’t hold back…Maybe they don’t want to.  But, whatever the case…let’s get the down and dirty on premature ejaculators…shall we?  One man I adore just can’t hold back.  Is it my considerable charms, or lack of self-control?  Maybe a little of BOTH?  Who cares? Just ejaculate!   Hahaha.  Hey!  I have my way with men. And when I’m doing my phonesex on him, let’s just say, he’s a GONNER!  And I have cum to the place where I can time him.  Such fun.  FINALLY…a preDICKtable man!  Heehee.

Funny thing is, he’s so ashamed of his little “problem”.  I, on the other hand, do not. I’m FLATTERED by it.  I know it really has little to do with ME…but, much more to so with his control…or, lack thereof. LOL.  But seriously, I find it quite attractive that I am able to bring him my pleazurez so quickly.  So attractive, in fact…that I often ENCOURAGE him to EJACULATE!  I’m on the phone, so of course, it’s without sight…Sometimes, that’s even HOTTER, don’t you agree?

I especially love it when we talk from his office.  I told him to bring a pair of cashmere socks from home and place them in his desk drawer.  He calls me at a prearranged time and we’re off to the races.  He’s ALWAYS FIRST to cross the FINISH LINE! Giggle.  Why cashmere?  They’re heavenly soft against the skin…particularly dick skin.  I start teasing with my low, sultry voice, I tell him to close his eyes and imagine me there, between his thighs. Sitting under that big ol’ desk as he takes his calls.  I can always tell when a call is frustrating to him because he grabs the back of my head and shoves me face-down onto his cock! I spittle and gag and swallow his short-cumming load. Haha

For those days when I can’t just SIRvice him at work, he’s got the socks…He can lie back and re-live in his mind all the naughty things I say to make him fire off his ejaculate toot sweet! My only dilemma is that I can’t REALLY taste him! That may well be the ONLY real drawback to my job…that I get all worked up, but in the end (Giggle) I can’t really taste you…I’ll never stop trying.  Call me.  Let me make you SQUIRT!

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