Ejaculation Envy – Rick kept complaining to me about how his jiz load is always so small. I seem to have become a sex expert among my male friends. I guess the fact that I love sex and talk openly about it makes me unique among my female friends. So this is how Rick and I started to discuss the size of his ejaculations.

“Seriously, Sara- sometimes it is so small it is like a couple of drops. It’s pretty humiliating. Have you been with guys with small loads before?” he asked me. I thought about it and I couldn’t think of anyone I have been with you didn’t shoot out a big puddle of sperm.

I decided to try to help my pathetic friend. The first step was to see what he was talking about. I told him to resist jerking off for a few days. I met him at his place and I brought my friend Jon with me. Now Jon is one of my fuck buddies and he never fails to give me a nice load of cum to lick up, or to smear all over my body after a nice fuck.

“Oh no. Sara- really? You had to bring a witness?” Rick moaned.  “Rick, I brought Jon here so we can compare loads. I think this will ultimately help you with your cum issues.”

I told them to take off their clothes. Rick looked ashamed as he saw Jon’s huge dick.

“This is not going to end well.” He sighed. I got two glasses. I took off my top and got between them. Then I stroked and licked both of their cocks equally. I rubbed them on my tits and made them both rock hard. I made them both edge till I let Jon cum first.

Jon came into his glass. As always- his load was massive! Rick looked at it in awe. I took Jon’s cum and I spread it on my tits and made Rick lick them. This must have inspired him because he had the biggest load he says he has ever had! It was still not as huge as Jon’s amazing load but Rick was truly inspired!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke