Edge yourself slowly with me.

Have you ever edged yourself slowly? Like really edged yourself for hours, and your cock dripped with desperation to cum?? That’s what you’re going to be doing with me in your ear. I’m going to rock your world with some teasing orgasm denial sex. In my mind-blowing orgasm-denial sex, I am the Mistress that will tie you down and make you beg to cum. Stroking you, touching you, and pleasing you to the very edge of absolute ecstasy. Making you go absolutely wild. Squirming at my delicate fingertips as you are edging yourself slowly. I will tease your cock and balls until you are red and practically drooling at my feet with the urge to unload your hot, steamy white goodness.

Maybe I’ll choose to be nice and let you cum eventually, or I can just be a real cold-hearted sexy bitch and force you to jerk off without any relief for as long as I like. So you will call me Mistress or your Goddess, or …. Daddy, whichever I prefer. You’ll be my soft little submissive sex slave, subject to the punishment of my hands or mouth or anything else I so choose. I am going to be in the ultimate control. Nothing happens without my explicit consent. You will be slowly edging yourself until you lose your mind.

I’m going to hold you down and tease you, having complete control over your entire body; all the while, all you can do is lay there and beg. You will be my little bitch. My play toy. I am not a fan of those who choose to give up, so if you call me, you better be ready to listen to my orders and follow my commands!!

Edging you slowly with my orgasm-denial sex!

I will make you feel like your whole body is going to explode in pleasure. When and if I allow you to get the relief you so crave, it will be an amazing and drawn-out orgasm. Now edging yourself slowly. My voice will keep leading you to milk cum out of your aching cock. Your balls up to your shaft and head will feel every sensation. Touching yourself and feeling my strong sensual presence all through your veins. I am your powerful, sexy Mistress of the night. Your true Mistress of deep and satisfying pleasure.

All you have to do is be good and patient and endure the punishment that this Mistress lays upon you. You know you will love every minute of it and will be craving me night after night once I am through with you. You will know then you have been rewarded. So, what are you waiting for?? Call me and be my willing slave and have the best orgasm-denial sex of your life. Edging yourself slowly like never before. Finally, you will know you want to submit to me, just like you were meant to. It’s your place beneath me. Let me show you what you are missing. Complete and utter elation.

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