Edging you my way!

Edging is it just another way to call me a cock tease? Or is it something much much more than that? I love teasing a big hard throbbing cock and making you beg for permission to cum for me. Edging you closer and closer until you can’t take anymore and you blow but, that isn’t gonna happen until I tell you to cum for me. I make you hold your cock in your hand gently stroking it up and down, all the way up to the head of your big hard cock and all the way back down to those juicy balls. Give those balls a nice juicy rub for me, tickle them with your fingertips.

Now I want you to let go of yourself do not touch as I bring my mouth mere inches away from your throbbing dick and I blow a light stream of air up and down your shaft. Down to your balls I travel blowing a light breeze once there I take my tongue and flick it against your ball sack. Glancing up at your face I see the pleasure you are having written all over your smile.

I make my to your face and I kiss you deeply and as I do I put a blindfold over your eyes and tie your hands above you and I go back to playing with you.

I pour a bunch of lube down your cock and I take my fingertips and gently glide the lube all the way down your shaft and then I grasp your cock in my hand I begin to stroke up and down. Watching your face as I stroke you edging you closer, waiting for that moment to pull my hand away and deny you the pleasure you want so badly. You will not cum until I say so!

Want to be edged my way?

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