edging tease denial body worship

Want erotic sex stories??? LOL OK. My Daddy Dom likes training me with edging tease denial body worship then hot dogging my pussy to pleasure me after hours of intensive arousal. My Daddy has trained me to be a good kitty. I only “purr” {what he calls me orgasming} when he allows me to. He keeps my body at the edge of orgasm for hours before he allows me to purr. Daddy is so mean to me…

The edging tease denial body worship starts when he has me dress in the tiniest out fits; I wear my tail, my ears, and all day long too. They feel so incredible to walk or crawl around the floor in. It is so erotic to experience every movement of air across my skin.

He will pet my body with strokes that vary: running his noise against every inch of my body, brushing his whiskers over my skin, nibbling on my nipples.

His fingers comb through my hair, running his hands over my body. Tugging on my but plug tail in my ass without warning.  He does like to caress my pussy to keep it dripping wet. Sometimes he will even stroke my pussy with his tongue sticking his fingers in my pussy to stroke my G-spot. This is only fair since I give him tongue baths until he feeds me his special milk. Often I will often gag from his cock’s size in my throat or the amount of cum he feeds me.

He will slide his cock along the folds of my pussy, holding my hips to prevent me from impaling myself on it. Yet he does not allow me to cum. Not until he has heard me beg to purr for him properly. Then he will Bend me over and fuck my poor little pussy doggy style. I have one orgasm after orgasm another till the only sound I can make if a breathy purr before he cums deep inside my pussy against my cervix. The creampie leeks out of my cunt for days.

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