Role Play – Teacher- Student

Is very simple; the student does what pleases me. Even edging tease denial body worship. I love young men, boys on the cusp of adulthood, in their sexual peak. When they have not learned to control their bodies, controlled by the lust that overwhelms their ability to think.

I deliberately show my body in ways that I know catches their attention. Then I brush against them during teacher-student conversations. I will even lean over them touching their face with my breasts as often as I can arrange. I use my authority over their lives to maneuver them where I want them, in my pussy. The first I will call Adam lol.

He was 15 and so very alpha male.

He thought he could change the teacher-student dynamics. Then he did. He unleashed the power in me by trying to take my authority. He attempted to use his brute physical power to overwhelm me. Instead, he hungered with lust that he could not control and was humiliated by the thought “IF” it was found out.

Adam stayed after class that day to confront me, try to bully me into changing his grade on a test, so he did not get in trouble. Lol oh, the stupidity of that man-child. He had the body of an adult without the control of maturity. When he stepped in close against my body, he thought I would be frightened. I was not.

The feel of such a powerful body quite frankly turned me on. My breasts got tight, and my nipples were harder than stone.

My pussy lips became swollen as if stung by a bee.

When I realized that we were not just alone in the classroom, but that the halls were empty and that I had heard the distant bang of the outer doors close; my pussy began to weep. Crying out that it was so empty and lonely but that this male body that was so being so forcefully brushing mine. I knew that I would not be satisfied with my lovely toys this night.

As I pressed my body to his in return, rubbing his cock through his pants, the look in his eyes was confusion and fear… As I gripped his rapid hardening cock his eyes glazed, and his will dissolved. He became my boy toy in those few moments to fuck, humiliate, and use as I wanted and I did…

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