Have you ever tried Edging?

“I want to try something different,” he said as we undressed together. Something different? Like completely different? Usually, I’m an obedient slut but if he’s leaving this playtime up to me…it’s time I introduce him to edging.

After leaving a very vague description of what I had in mind he laid back apprehensively, ready to question me, but I told him I wasn’t taking any. I’m sure he won’t mind a little rope and cuff play, he’s not allowed to use his hands right now. I know this man and this man does to know what edging his cock means, or is, or even wants to know.

“Oh me being tied up….again?” he said. He sounded bored and like he knew exactly what was going to happen, so I just chuckled under my breath and tightened the straps to the bed. So he can’t move or even touch his cock if he tried.

I ran my hand along with his cock and squeezed the base, feeling it grow rock hard in my hand. He immediately groaned and bit his lip, loving it…..and expecting me to continue. But I just let up.

“What’s wrong? Why’d you stop?” he asked slightly ticked. Another little bitchy chuckle from me as I grabbed the long soft feather from my secret drawer…no I’m not telling you where it is. I ran it along with his balls and his shaft and saw his member stand straight at attention.

His cock began twitching and I wrapped a rubber band right at the base, squeezing gently, then tickling softly. “Just suck it, ride me, jerk me longer, anything!! Don’t bring me to the edge and leave me hanging! He pleaded. I stared at him blankly like he was on mute.

Edging doesn’t have to be announced…or voluntary for that matter so for the rest of the afternoon, I watched him wriggle and beg for me to ravage him, but no such luck. Next time he won’t act so unimpressed will he? If I ever let him cum again….

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