Beware this isn’t one of those typical oral sex stories!

This one is different and it involves something I’ve been into lately. All my partners know I’m submissive, I am the perfect girlfriend but that doesn’t mean that sometimes I enjoy some edge play. It must be all the hot phone sex I’ve been having that made me try and spice things up with my boyfriend. He got the intense orgasm he wanted and I got the best oral sex story of all oral sex stories.

It was a regular weekend and my boyfriend and I had some time to kill before the game came on tv. I might have whispered sweet nothings into his ear and soon enough we were in my bedroom. As I was straddling him and making out I felt his cock get hard under me. I loved that feeling. I’ve been loving being in control lately so I busted the handcuffs. I started with my hands. Slowing stroking the shaft of his cock, and pressing the tip of it with my thumb. He really was begging for my tongue after awhile and I was going to give it him, eventually.

My boyfriend was oozing precum after a good twenty minutes of me just stroking his cock, spitting on it and using my saliva to slide my hands easier. I pressed the tip of his cock on my tongue. He probably really thought I was finally about to give him that blow job he wanted. WRONG! Instead, I just used the tip of my tongue. Teasing him even more. I would flick my hot, wet little tongue right on the head and then slide it all the way down to his balls. Always only licking, never actually sucking.

I had never seen him blow a bigger load. It went everywhere but I licked it off just in time to catch the last few innings of the game.

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