Edging, let Kate take you to the brink of pleasure over and over again.

I love edging. Edging you, edging myself. Such a tease. It’s luxurious, beautiful, perfect pleasure. Bringing yourself to the edge over and over again. I can’t explain to you how amazing it is. And when you cum? It’s fucking fireworks. My vision blurs and my toes curl and I incoherently mumble things that make absolutely no sense. I want to give that experience to you. I want us to edge each other until we explode together in a glorious way. Can’t wait and I bet you can’t either. We can touch, lick, suck, fuck for hours.

I’ll be waiting naked for you. We can fuck on every surface of our place. You can eat my pussy while I’m sprawled out on the kitchen counter, the cold counter-top pressed against my back. Your face buried between my legs licking and sucking my clit until I’m dripping all over the counter. I try to hold your head in place and grind against you so I can cum but you won’t let me. We both promised we would wait. We would cum hard together.

You come around to the other side of the counter where my head is and pull me up so my head hangs off the edge. Now you can fuck my mouth. My mouth opens and you slide your cock in and out. My spit covering your cock. I put my hands on your hips so I can control your movement making sure you can’t cum. I let you fuck my mouth slow and deep. Holding you in my throat, making you so close. Then pulling you back out. Kissing the tip, helping you slow down.

I lick the precum off the tip and grin up at you. Ready for a new position, a new place to do deliciously naughty things with you. What room shall we conquer next? We have a day full of edging left and I can’t wait to see everything we can do.

Phone Sex!