It is true, guided masturbation is one of my best skills. Guys love coming to me for assistance so they can shoot a huge load. Many of them love my edging JOI fun because I tease them to a big finale.

Of course, my sexy Latina body is the best tool I have. It is a blast using it for tease and denial games as you are stroking yourself. I just love showing off how fucking hot I am.

And, the guys, they love seeing all of my attributes exposed for their pleasures. Although, the fun is taking it nice and slow. Only showing you a little bit at a time.

That’s the point of edging JOI fun.

We can take our time, so you enjoy the moment you shoot a huge load for this beautiful diva. Furthermore, I will let you choose which part of my body you wish to shoot it on.

Well, if you are a good boy for me. If you do well during our fun and follow my directions, you get to choose. Of course, if you are not a good boy, then I get to choose.

That can also mean our edging JOI fun has a rough ending. That is if, you bring out the hardcore goddess in me. However,  I know you don’t want to do that, so you will be a good boy, right?!

Our fun during this kinky ride is all about enjoyment.

You and I working together to make it an amazing time. When I tell you to stroke up and down, you do just that. And, if I tell you to stop, you stop. If I ask you to squeeze those balls, you do it.

Indeed, it is in your best interest to trust me during our edging JOI fun. I am an expert at this and know how to make you cum hard. My goal is for you to have the best fucking climax ever with me!

Just like when I am providing mutual masturbation JOI, we both cum together. That is the goal of our game. I want to make sure my guy and I both fucking blow huge loads.

With edging JOI fun, you are my focus, baby!

This ride is about you, your cock, and how we can make sure a huge load of jizz shoots out of it. Now, along the way, I want to use my body, skills, and smarts to tease and deny you.

It is all part of the edging game. Dragging it out and enjoying the fun of waiting. Enjoying this beautiful woman rubbing her fine titties up against you. My sexy lips run around your nipples as you have sweat running down your chest.

Edging JOI fun is an intense game. Not everyone is up for the challenge but I know you are. I can tell by the glint in your eyes, you are craving the fun that comes with it.

That and you are craving this fine body of mine rubbing on yours.

So, if you are ready to play, let’s get this party started, bitch! I am ready to use every inch of my fine phat booty and more to tease you!

Call me now for some amazing and hot phone sex! I will let you cum when you call! Not until then, though!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke