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Edging A Filthy Cum Eater. My sissy boy faggot pissed me off the other day because I caught him watching porn on his laptop and jerking off, which he knows he didn’t have my permission to do. Luckily, I found him before he came and there was no way for him to deny what he was doing since he was caught with his hands full so to speak. Although his teeny cock isn’t much of a handful….hahaha. So, as full as they can be with that barely average dick he has. You know I had to punish him for disobeying me, so out came my bitch mode and put the punishment on my sissy boy faggot!

I slammed his laptop closed and yanked him to his feet. He was still dressed and had only bothered unzipping his jeans for his little jerk off session, so I ordered him to take all of his clothes off. After he did that I had him lie on the floor and got out my handcuffs. I secured him by the wrists to my bed posts and looked his dick, bobbing in the air, like a little fuckin bobber in the water….hahahah. Every few seconds he’d push his hips up, trying to get some friction on his dick. I sat beside him and teased him by gently blowing on his dick and As I ran my fingertips along the length of it.

I wrapped my hand around him and I could feel him throbbing between my fingers.

Then I slowly stroked him up and down, rubbing my thumb over the head with every stroke and smearing the pre-cum over him. I gradually moved faster and soon he was moaning and pushing against my hand.

I could see his balls tightening up and felt him begin to tense; he was about to cum. I quickly let him go and he groaned and told me to keep going, he was so close! “Please just one more stroke!”, he begged. I ignored him and listened as he began to beg even more. He would do anything, I mean come on please, he really needed it and I chuckled listening to my faggot beg like a bitch. I finally got tired of hearing him and said he could cum but only if he licked it up afterward He quickly agreed and raised his hips up, dying for me to touch him again. I held his little dick once more and quickly jerked it up and down.

It only took a few strokes before he started cumming, blowing that teeny load all over the place.

I cupped my hand and tried to catch as much of it as I could. When he was done I held my hand against his mouth and he stuck his tongue out. He gave the cum a small lick and made a face at the taste of it. He pulled his head away and I gave his face a light slap. Reminded him that we had made a deal; I had let him cum, so now he had to suck it up. I wasn’t going anywhere, until he did so he could either eat warm, wet cum or cold, thick, stinky cum…..the choice was his!

He gave my hand another lick, lapping up more of the cum this time. He made a face again, but he stayed where he was and licked it again and finished it like a good boy. His tongue tickled my hand as it slowly moved across my palm and fingers.

When it had gone on long enough, I took my hand away from his mouth and what happened next confirmed for me without a doubt, just how much of a sissy boy faggot he is……let me show you just how much of an edging specialist I am, with free phone sex!

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