Edging Expert Adriana Has A New Boyfriend

I know you all are wondering, yes! This sweet thing got herself a man. I mean, it’s in the beginning stages but it’s looking quite promising. Obviously, I told him what I did and he is perfectly okay with it. In fact, there are a few things I am teaching him and one of them is edging. When he asked me about it I giggled and told him I was an edging expert. He didn’t believe me so I had to show him exactly what I meant.

While I was in the bathroom changing into something a bit sexier I told him to get completely naked for me. When I came out of the bathroom his jaw dropped. I was wearing all black lingerie. A hot lace bra and a matching thong. I had on a garter belt and stocking too. I paired the little outfit with some fuck me pumps. I gave him the instructions, whatever he did he had to keep jerking off his cock while I teased him. I told him that I owned his cum and only I could allow him to cum. So we begun.

Swinging my hips back and forth I ordered him to start stroking his cock nice and slow. A tight grip on his shaft was going to achieve what I wanted. I turned around and bent over, the lace thong barely covered my pussy. I got close to him and straddled him while I took off my bra. I whispered in his ear to stroke faster for me and loosen up that grip. I got on my knees right in front of him, he was thinking I was about to wrap my lips around his cock but I didn’t. I spit right on that head of his dick, looked up at him and smiled.

I had danced all my clothes off. Guiding him, telling him how fast or slow stroke his cock. My pussy was soaking wet and I sat on the couch right in front of him on the floor and spread my legs. While playing with my pussy I ordered him to stop jerking off. He had to watch me get off as his cock leaked precum. I fingered my pussy till I soaked his carpet. By then he was beginning me to let him cum. So, I did.

I straddled him again, squatting over his cock. He was so desperate for my pussy. But I didn’t give it to him. I guided the head of his dick to just about where my pussy lips were gracing it and then I ordered him to cum. I turned to face him and once he emptied his balls all over himself I slid down his still rock hard dick. I loved hearing him moan as it was so sensitive.

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