Edging Revenge and Begging

Whenever my boyfriend pisses me off I love to use my pussy edging him until he’s just about to explode. I like to manipulate his mind and make him think that I’m no longer mad at him and then when I get him in bed, where he is vulnerable and weak, I have my way with him.

I’ll lie to him and tell him that everything is all good between us and then I will lure him into the bedroom and handcuff his hands to the bed. I’ll start with the lube. Drizzling the warm liquid over the tip of his cock. Just letting it slide down from the tip of his hole, down the shaft, to the base of his balls, and then finally onto his juicy balls. As I start to slide my soft hand up and down his cock, I tell him that he’s on punishment and that it’s totally up to me when I stop edging him and if he cums.

I stand over him while he’s helpless and handcuffed in bed. Playing with my pussy. Making it nice and wet. One finger, then two. By the time I insert my fingers deep inside of my juicy cunt his cock is standing straight up at attention. It’s aching to be covered in my warm juices. I slowly lower my pussy down onto the tip of his hard dick. Bouncing ever so lightly as I command him to stare into my eyes. Up and down. Up and down. I fuck just the tip of his cock very slowly, then speed up just enough to make him beg for me to slide my entire pussy onto his throbbing cock.

That’s when I lift up and start to tidy up the room. Leaving him laying there with a glazed layer of my pussy juice on the tip of his cock. As I clean up the room I usually hum a tune and bounce around so that my tits go up and down as I dance. Then a few minutes later I’m back on top of him. Edging him with my tight pussy. Lowering my pussy down onto his cock. Inch by slooooowwwww inch. Making him pre-cum inside of me. My pussy finally makes its’ way down to the base of his shaft. Grinding his cock deeper and deeper inside of me. He tries so hard to control his urge to cum inside. Biting his lips. Begging for me to release the cuffs.

I just laugh as I keep moving back and forth on his hard cock. Back and forth. Up and down. Around and around. It’s so funny to see him suffer when I pull up just as he is about to cum. The poor thing can barely see straight by the time I’m done with him. You’ll be the same way. Begging me to let you cum as I laugh in your ear and tell you exactly what I’m doing with my sweet little pussy. And just like my pitiful little boyfriend, you will NOT be able to cum until I say so!

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