The challenge of edge play phone sex is a very enticing activity.  The ups and downs of the tease never become boring or routine. I love pushing men to the edge.  I enjoy that erotic linger of being driven to the point of no return.  The push to the edge, slowly being pulled back till you gain control and then given the pleasure to release. Edge play takes discipline as well as control of both the mind and body. It’s a challenge both a man and a woman can enjoy together or alone. Going easy – would only defeat the purpose of being pushed to the edge.

As part of getting ready to go out, I shaved completely smooth. This never fails to get me wet and worked up. In the past, after shaving my pussy area, I love to get myself off. Slowly rubbing my juices all over my freshly smooth skin. No such release this time, but it did leave my clit throbbing with excitement. Desperately breathing in and gaining control of what was to follow. The excitement was building up inside me. Before getting dressed, I took an extra long piece of laces and created a beautiful crotch rope. Testing out my new little teasing device, I made sure one of the knots rubbed hard against my clit, as the larger one teased against my pussy hole. Perfect!

Everything was in place, as I pulled on my little white cotton panties, a loose flare bottom skirt and a thin t-shirt with no bra. Not only was I on a mission to tease myself, but everyone else around me. My mind started playing games, as my body continued to become aroused with excitement. The drive downtown to the coffee shop seemed endless. I couldn’t wait any longer. I reached into my handbag and pulled out my secret little container of pleasure. It looked and smelled just like lip gloss, but it was more. It was a special solution I created from peppermint oil and petroleum jelly. It served as an extension of my personal pure pleasure. It was stronger than just using mint toothpaste and the sensation didn’t fade as fast.

Before I walked into the coffee shop, I swirled my finger in the jelly and around my throbbing clit. I sat in the car for a few minutes with my head pressed to the steering wheel enjoying the tingling sensation. I needed to gain control of myself and my breathing. My panties were drenched and my nipples hard, before I entered the coffee shop. There weren’t too many people and I managed to get through placing my order (extra large iced latte macchiato) without stuttering. The barista spent the whole time looking at my perky nipples. I took my seat in the far corner table and tried to breathe. I left a bit of lace coming out of the top of my skirt so I could tease myself. Slowly I pulled the crotch rope tighter, as the knot rubbed up and down against my clit. I reached my first edge within a few minutes of teasing myself. I had to stop abruptly, as I squeezed my creamy thighs together and pull myself back.

I started again teasing myself with slight movements and tiny tugs of the lace. The sensitivity of the area increased rapidly, as I held myself on the edge for what seemed like forever. Tease and denial of any pleasure. My whole body began to ache. My pussy kept clenching around nothing, my clit throbbed, as my thighs trembled and shook the table. With each flinch, I felt my juices saturate my panties. I managed to keep my breathing under control, as the edge heightened to a new level of pleasure. Would I be able to hold on this time?

I almost collapsed, as the timer on my phone announced the one hour mark. Everything seemed to fade away, as I dashed out of the little coffee shop and jumped into my car. I couldn’t wait to slip my fingers into my panties. My legs spread wide open I finger banged my drenched twat until I calmed down. When I arrived home the edging extravaganza commenced, as I entered a new dimension of pleasure.  Let me share my steamy details with you. It will be an experience of mutual masturbation you will never want to forget. Let’s explore some guided masturbation and JOI – I’m waiting for you now.  Let’s go to the edge and back – cumming will be our reward.

Let me push all your boundaries – Edging phone sex. Do you want to talk about your “SECRET” kinky experiences? Maybe REAL Life experience? I promise not to tell.  It will be our little world to explore together.  Bring it to the table – I’m an anything goes kinda girl. I have no boundaries and neither should you.  Our phone sex experience will be one you will never forget. Let’s explore guided masturbation phone sex together.  Our time together will leave you breathless and craving more.  The opportunities are countless. Grab your phone, your cock and get ready to lube up for fun.  Let’s get together for some adult chat or are you ready to explore your hidden fetish phone sex? What’s your wild fantasy — I love wild and naughty role-playing.  Anything goes, as long as you cum. Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.

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