To the Edge and Back

So there you are, surfing the net in your boxers, looking for something over the edge exciting and different to make your cock hard.   You stumble upon some domination porn.  It looks interesting and something you would like to try but you’re not really sure you’re  ready to take the leap.  Maybe giving up THAT much control to someone else is just kinda scary.  Maybe you just don’t know where to start.   You go onto the Phone Sex Kingdom site and see a sweet looking girl named, Jamie.  You read her blogs and can’t believe how hard your cock gets imagining yourself giving up control to her.  Then you pick up the phone and give her a call.

“Hello…” her sweet young voice makes your cock throb as you struggle to regain enough composure to set up the call.  She giggles at your obvious shyness and assures you that as long as you follow direction, you both will have an amazing time.  She tells you she will start off slow,  and to have a rubber band and lube ready when you call back.  You eagerly wait for her pictures to show up in your email.  The sight of her puffy pink pussy sends a rush through your body and you can’t wait to call her back.

“Hey, loser.  You ready to have some fun?” Her voice reminds you of the popular girls in school that you would have KILLED to be close to.  She tells you to wrap the rubber band around your calls and you nervously oblige.  She giggles as she tells you to lube your cock and circle your index finger around the head of your dick.

Maybe watching so much porn beforehand wasn’t such a good idea because you can feel the cum creeping up to the head of your cock.  You tell her you feel as though you are going to cum and she forces you to release your cock.  She makes you snap the rubber band on your balls.  The sting helps you recoup some control.   You continue to jerk your cock but every time you feel close to releasing cum she makes you edge and snap your balls harder and harder.  The pain mixed with the pleasure of your swollen cock was like nothing you have ever felt before.

After a half hour of teasing your cock, you try and explain you just can’t hold on any longer.

 Your balls are sore and your cock is throbbing like it never has before.  Her laughter turns serious as she tells you what a pathetic little fuck you are.  She tells you how sorry she feels for you for not being able to last over thirty minutes and how you would never be able to handle a girl like her.  You feel so humiliated, but at the same time, turned on.  You allow her to control your cock even though you know you could easily just cum and hang up.   She continues her insults as she directs your hands.  You become her pawn, her play toy, and her puppet.

After another half hour, your balls are unbelievable swollen.  Your cock is purple and you feel tears in your eyes.  Your whines delight her and she tells you how proud of you she is.  You are so happy to have pleased her.  Finally, when you say you are about to cum, she says nothing.  Her silence is your permission and your toes begin to curl as you unload your aching balls.  You’ve never cum so hard in your life!  Your moans become primal, animalistic, and like nothing you have ever heard.

“Your cock is mine now!  Have a good night.” she giggles and hangs up the phone.

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