The last time I blogged, I mentioned the amazing nudist/lifestyle resort where I spent the day at with my very adventurous male fuck buddy.  It was fun, relaxing and full of people looking for a good fuck.  And of course, there wasn’t a single shred of clothing in sight.  The best part of my day there was so incredible, however, I felt it deserved a blog post all to itself.   After lunch, my friend and I went in the upstairs of the clubhouse area to check out what had dubiously been described as “private rooms”.    Lo and behold, we find a sex swing!  It had been ages since I’d seen one of those!  I was so excited to try the sex swing out, that I just climbed in, stuck my feet in the stirrups, spread my legs wide, leaned back and closed  my eyes. At first I felt my lover’s cock slide its way into my now dripping wet pussy.  Getting fucked at that angle with my legs straight in the air and as he pulled me faster and faster onto his cock, was a memorable experience if it were just that, but then it got even better.

I felt unfamiliar hands. Male and female hands, but I didn’t know whose.  I kept my eyes closed tight as they squeezed my tits, rubbed my clit, pulled my hair and spanked my ass.  My flesh tingled as an unknown mouth kissed and bit my neck,  while another sucked away at my toes. All the while, my initial lover plowed me harder and harder.   He then stepped back to let others have a turn my pink, hungry pussy. One by one, I feel tongues, fingers and dicks doing whatever they felt like to me.   I’m not sure I’ve ever cum harder or more frequently in my life as I did in this sex swing.

Want to try and make me cum like that? Want to hear more  about my freaky group sex adventures?  Give me a call!