Ebony ass worship what is exactly what you are craving.  You know it and I know it. Having a hot black girl booty in your life is something you have been needing and wanting forever.  Especially an ebony ass as perfect as this one. Well, today your Ebony Queen is here to quench your uncontrollable thirst for Ebony Ass worship.

There is something so sexy about the look of lust on your face when I bend over seductively in that sexy lingerie you bought for me.  Your cock is pleased as your eyes soak in the wonderful view of my exotic black skin is adorned by sexy white panties, garter, and stockings.   Your cock is at full staff, and ready to solute.  But, not so fast soldier, I have other plans for you tonight.  

Ebony ass worship starts with a little teasing!

Your cock has already confirmed that it appreciates the sexy lingerie, so I decided to tease you a little more.   Arching my back just enough to poke that pretty brown round ass in your face.   I love the way you grab it and plant kisses on those soft ebony cheeks.   Take your lips and tongue to gently lick squeeze, and caress the precious gem that you have in your hands.  Looking back as you admire the work of art in front of you I ask, ” Are you ready for ebony ass worship?”  As you lightly squeeze my ass again you nod yes.

I grab you by the hand and have you follow your ebony queen to the bedroom.  I leave you standing at the foot of the bed watching me.   You watch my ass I crawl on the king-size bed and twerk that sexy ass for you.  Loving the view you get completely undressed as I continue to tease you with this sexy sweet black ass.   Sliding my finger along the side of my white thong, I reveal that sweet little ebony ass hole you have been wanting to worship.

Lay down so I can take my seat!

Without hesitation, you lie down on your back and beg me to sit on your face.   So that is exactly what I did.  And oh boy, did you go to work.  I could hear immediately the muffled moans and slurps between my ass cheeks.  It only made me work my asshole deeper on your tongue practically riding it like a tiny cock.  Damn, you are working that tongue like a pro and I like it.

I like it so much that I lean over and grab that wet cock of yours and begin to stroke it.   Your dick was so fucking hard and dripping with pre-cum by the time I put the head in my mouth that it was throbbing.  Continuing to ride my ass up and down on that stiff tongue, while grinding my pussy all over your chin has me hot and ready to cum.

I plunged your dick deeper down my throat while my finger began to rim your asshole.  Working my ass faster and faster I could feel the buildup, I was about to cum.   Sliding my finger into your ass and sucking your cock as you make my pussy and ass quiver from the orgasm.  You soon followed with a huge cum load.

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