I’ll eat my way into your pants.

I absolutely love food and I love making sure everyone around me knows it. You can’t get a complete dump truck of an ass like this without loving some good ass food! I love cooking a good meal and chowing down making sure to savor every last bit. Moaning and licking my lips.

Are you looking out for a super hot girl that loves to eat? Well, that’s me to a T. And I can make sure everyone around me knows I am enjoying it! You want this super hot redheaded blowjob queen to scarf down some cake, don’t you?

I’ll bake the nicest, tastiest cake, my favorite cake is black forest cake, and I will sit down with a fork and talk to you as I try and eat the entire thing just for you. I know, it sounds like I’ll put on a few pounds but it’ll be all ass. Haha! Your mouth will water as you listen to me chow down on a slice of cherry-filled chocolate cake.

Getting hard with my eating food fetish?

I can make an eating food fetish sexy. I know that for sure! And you can start touching yourself just thinking about me just deepthroating the slice of cake. I’ll even smear some of that cake on me for extra sexiness just for you!

It’s making you so excited listening to me, isn’t it? Go ahead… touch yourself for me. I can talk about how I want to just take some of that cake and smear it on your cock and lick it all off.

Now, that is hot as fuck! I can definitely get down with eating it off of you. Let me show you what this mouth do and make you cum for me. I’ll sit you down on my couch and help you take off your pants. Then I will eat some cake, making sure your cock gets really hard for me.

The cake will be on my lips when I go to kiss you. You can taste the cherry chocolate cake on my lips and get even more turned on. Are you ready for me to take that cock and show you a good time? I take a bit of frosting and wipe it on your throbbing cock.

My fetish is getting to you now.

Let me just take more of the cake and stroke your cock with it. So creamy and smooth and smells so good! Let me get on my knees and go ahead and open my mouth wide for you. I’ll start by licking some of the cream off of the tip.

You just watch in awe of my sexy eating skills. And you want me to just keep going so I do. Making sure to lick every part of your cock and making sure you feel my tongue clean off your cock. You shiver with anticipation and start to moan for me.

I smile and continue eating the frosting and cake off of your cock. Then I deepthroat your cock, taking every inch of you and that sexy cake into my mouth! You grab the back of my head and start thrusting into my mouth. And I let you just have your way with me.

You can’t help it, my eating food fetish has really got you going, and you really need to fill my mouth with your special frosting. I keep sucking and throating you with all the power of God and anime on my side. And soon enough you start filling my mouth with your cum.

Every ounce of cum and cake just enveloping my mouth.

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