Eating Isn’t Cheating: Coveting Thy Neighbor’s Wife

If a remotely attractive man (such as the mailman, the UPS man, or a Jehovah’s Witness or Mormon) shows up at my door to deliver something (other than his cock?)  I retreat to my bedroom until they go away.   A couple months ago, as I was eating breakfast, a moving truck pulled up in front of the house across the street.  For the first time, it wasn’t the men getting out of the truck I noticed.  It was the couple getting out of their car who caught my attention.

Although he was very attractive, it was the woman who held my gaze.  She was a stunning blonde, about my height and weight, with a perfect figure.  I decide no time is better than the present to welcome then to the neighborhood.  I forget the food I’m eating, brush my teeth, and head out the front door.  Anna (a massage therapist) and Alex (an athletic recruiter) are from St. Louis and my age.  Because Alex travels quite a bit, they chose to move closer to Anna’s family.  As Alex ran into the house, I saw a brief yet familiar look cross Anna’s face.  We exchange numbers and decide since both men will be out of town the following weekend, she would come over for lunch, cocktails, sunbathing, and girl-talk.

Saturday arrived and around 11 a.m., wearing a black bikini and sarong, so did Anna.

We went out back to our covered patio and, after pouring two glasses of white wine, we began eating our chicken salads and sharing Cliff’s Notes version of our lives. By the time we finished the entire bottle of wine, we carried our half-eaten salads back to the kitchen, trading them in for margaritas.  Once poolside, we got in long enough to cool off and got out to work on our tans (and margaritas.)  After lying down on my stomach, she asks me if I’d like her to rub tanning oil on my back.

I tell her yes and feel her unhook my bikini’s top.

Starting at my shoulders, Anna rubs the tanning oil slowly down my back.  Lifting my arms, I feel her fingers graze the side of my breast.  I feel my clit stir and audibly moan.  Pouring more oil into her hands, she continues over my ass before sliding her hands between my inner thighs.  Without hesitation, as she slides a finger between the lips of my pussy, I feel another finger sliding between my ass cheeks.  As I feel her finger sliding into the hole of my dripping wet pussy, I feel the other finger slide into my brown puckered asshole.

Anna finger fucks me and, on the brink of madness, I sit up to pull her mouth to mine.  Our tongues delve in and out of each other’s mouths and I pull away to stand up.  After pulling her to her feet, I slide her bikini’s bottoms down her legs and then my own.  I kiss her again as I reach around her, unhooking her top.  Starving for her cunt, I motion for her to lay down on her back.  Before eating her out, she tells me she wants to tongue fuck my pussy at the same time.

I can’t tell you how long we ate and fingered each other that day, nor can I tell you how many times we both came on each other’s faces, tongues, and fingers.  I can tell you, before deeply kissing each other goodbye, we decided this would be the perfect way to spend the rest of our summer.  After all, eating isn’t cheating.

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