The succubi surround my writhing, sweaty body.

The incubus went, there are three of you around me.  You have the same glowing eyes but full breasts and beautiful bodies.  I feel all your hands roving across my sensitive skin, pulling my nipples and moving between my legs.  You are amazing succubi and I don’t stop you from having your way with me.

I feel mouths around my nipples and, my legs already parted, I feel first one finger and then the second slide into my cum-filled pussy.  Through no effort of my own, I’m turned over and lifted onto my knees.  One succubi slides underneath my chest and, as the second slides her head between my legs, the third kneels next to my ass.

As my I feel a tongue flicking first one nipple and then the other, I feel a tongue delving into my wet snatch.  Deeper and deeper, you drive your tongue, licking every part of me.  As you swallow the mixture of the one’s cum with my own, I feel fingers sliding into my cum-filled asshole.

I am lost in pleasure and notice your clits are becoming longer, morphing into cocks.  I feel the fingers removed from my ass and in their place, one of these cocks slide inside.  You replace the tongue in my pussy with yet another of these cocks.  The succubus working over my nipples has now moved and, in my face, is her cock-like clit.

I begin to take it into my mouth. I feel it grow harder and longer, the head hitting the back of my throat.

As I deep-throat her, I begin to cum around the succubi’s  cocks in my pussy and ass.  I feel multiple spasms of pure pleasure.  As I cum, I feel the same liquid fire shooting down my throat as the female demon’s cock convulses and cums.

I wake up alone yet my muscles ache and cum is everywhere.  Instead of showering, I get the dildo from my nightstand and fuck myself into another glorious orgasm before drifting back to sleep, hoping for another demonic and naughty dream.

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