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My fuck buddy came by to fuck me today. We had an amazing time. The only problem is at the end of the long crazy fuck session, he said, “I think the Condom must be inside of you.” Wait, what? I responded. I didn’t feel a condom. Then I did, however, feel very, very wet. I looked on the floor and there it was. The condom must have slipped off his cock as he was moving his huge hard-on in and out of me. Fuck. My pussy was full of his huge load. So I had him eat me out.

 The cum was dripping out of my pussy when I got up. The guy hung out for a while, we joked about how I was probably going to have his baby now. He finally nervously got dressed and left. The cum was still coming out of my pussy, dripping down my leg. I decided to call my neighbor, Joe. I told him I need him to eat me out. He is always good for a great pussy licking time.  He came over quickly, I took off my dripping panties and laid back on the bed I spread my legs and told him to mouth fuck my cunt. Then he licked it clean and made me cum in his mouth. I was so happy and satisfied that I almost forgot to tell him that he just ate out the cum of another guy.

he looked horrified when I told him.

“There is nothing to be ashamed of, Baby. You are my good dog, and I am very impressed that you cleaned that cum out of me.”. I noticed his dick was so hard so I gave him a nice handjob and told him when he could cum. I gave him my cum soaked panties from earlier and told him to keep them and to smell and lick them. So I know he will soon be craving other men’s cum and beg to clean me out again!

I love my boys!

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