Cherry Pie Fetish? Dare I say it? Eat My Cherry Pie.

Period play – there, I said it.

Haven’t tried it?

You’re missing out.

A lot of phone play tarts wax on about how taboo they are…how far they’ll go…how nasty they can be. Well, I my friends, am the real deal.

One week a month I host an all-you-can-eat buffet of juicy, fresh, cherry pie. Some guys want to lick it, worship it and lap up my juicy rubies. Others want to plunge their fat cocks right into the warmest, wettest, plush box imaginable.

Never done it? Pshhewww…you haven’t cum right, until you’ve blown your milky load into my rouge juice-fest.

Seriously, women are hormonal creatures and some of us want to get royally fucked during our time of the month. You can practically wink at my clit and I’ll cum. If you slide your stiff prick inside and I’ll climax so tight on your cock, I’ll make you a believer. You’ll thank me, and promptly get “Crimson Tide” tattooed on your chest.

I’m Little Red Riding Hood. Cum be my Big Bad Wolf.


cherry pie


Calling all Blood Hounds for Period Play Phone Sex