Earning My Pearl Necklace

“Get down on your knees and open your mouth wide.  You’re going to earn your pearl necklace tonight.”

Like a good girl, I always do what I am told.  He told me to pucker my lips as he pressed the head of his hard cock on them.  His cock was so big and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fit it all in my mouth.  He demanded I tried and told me to open my mouth wide.

Sticking out my tongue, I licked up and down his meaty shaft.  I wanted him nice and wet so I could take him down my throat with ease.  The more I licked the bigger his cock grew.  Ten inches of thick, hard, throbbing meat was in front of me.  I couldn’t get my eyes off his perfect mushroom head and I wrapped my lips around it.

Just as I wrapped my lips around the head I feel him grab the back of my hair and force himself down my throat.  My eyes water and my throat tighten up.  It takes everything in me not to gag but somehow I manage to deep throat his monster cock.  My mascara is running down my face but he keeps fucking my mouth harder and harder.  I can taste his pre cum dripping down my throat.

 I can taste his pre-cum dripping down my throat.

He pulls his cock out of my mouth and leaves a string a spit on my chin.  I’m catching my breath as I watch him beat his dick in my face.  I see his balls tense up and his cock start dripping even more.  One strong shot of cum hits my chin and drips own just as his second and third shots hit my face.  I’m sitting on my heels, showered in cum, and thanking him for the opportunity to be his little whore.

Can I be yours too?

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