Nothing’s Hotter than a Drunken Public Fuck

I love how people’s inhibitions go out the window when they are intoxicated. I’m no stranger to exhibitionism, I mean, nude mud wrestling in a crowded bar is like my regular Tuesday night. But, other people have a hard time letting loose and showing their true colors. Alcohol definitely helps, it even makes me bolder than usual. That’s what led to my drunken public fuck in the middle of the dance floor last weekend. 

It all started when I pulled down my top to flash my big titty at some hottie. That definitely caught his attention! He was tall, dark, smoking hot, and dancing with another girl. But that’s never stopped me from pursuing a guy, especially when I’m drunk! He quickly forgot about the girl in front of him and pushed her aside. Then he made his way over to me, like a moth to a flame.

He immediately approached me and put his hands on my waist. We flirted and kissed in the middle of the crowded dance floor. He pressed his body closer to mine and we ground to the thumping music. I could feel his hard cock press against me. I don’t know if it was the liquid courage running through me or just how hot he was, but I just wanted to fuck him right then and there. Of course, that desire eventually led to the hottest drunken public fuck. 

I Can’t Wait!

I didn’t want to wait to go back to my place, that would take way too long. So, I lifted my leg to his waist and he held it there firmly. I pressed my juicy cunt against his hard cock. I could see in the way he locked eyes with me he knew I wanted to get nasty with him. Can someone say drunken public fuck? He reached between my legs and rubbed the growing wet spot on my silk panties, making my twat even juicer. Then he pulled aside my panties and slipped his fingers inside me. We kissed deeply as he finger fucked me faster and faster. I moaned and panted with pleasure but I wanted more. 

So, I unzipped his pants slowly and released his huge cock from his pants. Then, I stroked his throbbing cock and rubbed his pre-cum around his tip. I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed his cock inside me. So, I guided his cock to my dripping wet pussy, he held my panties aside and pushed himself inside me. 

I noticed some people close to us staring. But at that point, we did not give a damn if anyone saw us enjoying a drunken public fuck. The prying eyes just made it all so much hotter. I like when people watch. He fucked me so hard and fast. I came a couple of times before he blew his load inside my tight twat. Our drunken public fuck was so damn hot! 

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