I just had the sloppiest drunk sex of my life.  So, it was on my mind, and I figured I would tell you about it.  I was out the other night, and this guy hit on me the right way and hit my buttons, and the drinks were coming quick.  He was cute.  Long story short, sometime later, I was going down on him!

And I mean, like, “in the reclined seat of his car,” kind of going down.  My head was clouded in the right way, and the bass was thumping on the stereo.  I could feel it all, and it just did it for me.  When he moved his hand into my panties, I was so wet; it was like I was swallowed his fingers.  He loved it and gave me a nice, full load in my throat, and me?  Well, I think I even peed a little when I came on his hand.

First Time Stories

I remember the first time I had drunk sex.  It was in high school, and my boyfriend’s parents weren’t home all weekend.  How could I resist, right?  I made up an excuse so that I could be there.  It wasn’t my first drink, but they hit me pretty hard.  His father had all kinds of stuff, and wouldn’t miss it, so we tried it all.  We were supposed to be watching a movie, but you know how that goes.  Unfortunately, I can’t even remember the name.

I won’t even say the drinking was why we ended up fucking.  I mean, I was in “that” sweater, so I had it on my mind.  We both did.  Neither of us was a virgin by then, but it was also our first time having sex together, so everything was still kind of clumsy when it happened.  So, when you add in the way both our heads were spinning, well…  I remember we laughed – a lot.

New Horizons

The thing about having drunk sex is how it can open you to things you had not considered before.  I was drunk the first time I had a cock in my ass and pussy.  It was this guy, who was older than me, and he had a friend over, and we were having some drinks at his house, and the next thing you know, it just kind of… happened, you know?  I mean, if I am honest, I wasn’t even wearing underwear under my skirt that night, so I guess I probably knew something might happen.

Still, when it happened, it was surprising and amazing.  I don’t know how to describe it, other than “full” and “used,” but those words don’t really describe it.  This guy was well hung, and his friend was even bigger, and when he entered what he called “the good hole,” I want to tell you that I felt it.  All the wine still had me so warm, and it felt… amazing.

Bath Time Drunk Sex Edition

I also like to have drunk sex with myself, usually in the bathtub during “me” time.  There is something about the warm water and the warmth inside me from the cool drink in my hand.  It really takes the stress of the day away, and well… hands just wander.  I am not going to lie, I totally lay under the faucet and let the water warm and pound my clit, while the bath fills up, so I wanted those hands to wander.

Have you ever just gotten out of the tub, wrapped yourself in a big towel, and fallen naked on the bed for a nap?  You should try it.  You should try it drunk.  That is when I like to have my second orgasm.  I like how clean I smell, and I like how my body is still warm, and my freshly bathed little pussy feels like I just left.

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