I partied with my roomie one night fresh out of high school. I went to a co-workers house to have a few and relax. I worked a job with weird late hours. When we got to my co-worker Sams apartment he introduced us to his roommate Jesse. Tall short curl, dirty blonde hair and large blue eyes. Very handsome.

Now I’m a light weight. I hardly ever drink, but I wanted to let loose for once. After two beers and a shot and a half I was drunk. My girl took me to Sams roommates room and laid me in his bed. She asked before hand if I could sleep there. Jesse said it was no problem and he would take the floor and keep an eye on me. I actually recall Steph telling Jesse not to try anything.

I was in and out of being awake and passed out. I could see the shape of Jesse standing over me in the dark. Just seeing the outline of his hair was the dead give away it was him. Both of his hand cupped my tits. He squeezed them hard. I felt my shirt move upwards, then his wet mouth sucking my nipples. I couldn’t remember if I liked it or not, I just know I felt sorta violated. I was not all there and he knew that!

He kept his mouth on my chest and touched my pussy. He tried to get me wet, with zero success. He got upset and straddled me. He pulled my pants down and my panties along with it. I started to bat at him like a weak kitten. I found his anger funny. He spit on his fingers and pushed into my pussy hard. I opened my eyes wide. Groaned. I asked him what he was doing. He leaned up my body and pulled his fingers out like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

He was panting and sounds flustered. He said “You’re awake? I knew it…I wanna fuck, wake up more” I lulled my head. I was very awake by now. I toyed with him though. I wanted to see what he would do. I wasn’t opposed to fucking, but I wanted to see his character. What would he do?

I pretend to pass out again. He tapped my face and asked me to wake up. He pulled back and I heard him un-zip his pants, then I heard him spit again…


Ahh wtf Alyson…I wanna know what happens! Well call me and find out!




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