I heard him unzip his jeans and spit.  Jesse started to push the head of his cock against my pussy. Once I felt it pop into me he drew back and gave one hard push. His cock painfully took cover inside of my dry cunt. He stopped again for a minute, and spit a huge glob of saliva onto his shaft. This man was fucked in the head. Was he really doing this to me?

He worked himself in and out to coat the inner walls of my twat. I tried to relax a bit and focus on how this could turn into something hot. I moved my head back and forth trying to register what was happening. Was this considered rape?

Jesse pulled my legs wide open and pushed them back. He was sitting on his haunches and rhythmically fucking my pussy. It went from being dry and painful to wet and slippery. I was trying to grind my pussy into his cock. Only I was weak from drinking and not totally with it. Jesse took my hips and used them to ram into me now full force.

He licked the back of his thumb and worked my clit. I could feel something deep in me. Building and screaming quietly…only its getting louder and louder. He teased me, pulling back to the tip and slowly pushing back into me. He said nothing. Not a single word the entire time. He just tortured me. My orgasm was sitting right there, begging to blow. I could feel my pussy leaking pussy juice everywhere.

He took my legs and closed them tightly and squeezed them to one side of his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around my legs like steel bands. I couldn’t move. I was bolted to him. He pulled back to the tip and drilled into my hot cunt. Over and over he pounded. My orgasm built back up into this unreal blur. I hit the crescendo of my orgasm. I literally screamed like I was being murdered. It was intense and fucking insane.

My roomie ran into the room. The look on her face was priceless. She looked angry and confused. Jesse didn’t stop fucking me though. I couldn’t help but laugh at her expression. Here I was being fucked silly like a ragdoll and laughing. She did a military turn-about and left the room.

Jesse pulled out and jerked his dick over my body. I remember he made a huge mess all over my stomach and tits. The only time he said anything was when he got off me and wiped his cock off with his shirt. He said “I could tell you were a whore”

Really now? I was the whore? Dude was fucking me passed out or not. What does that say about him??? I won’t lie it was pretty fun haha!

Call me and lets have some fun!



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