The Morning After

I woke up this morning in the arms of another man. At first, I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t my boyfriend holding my naked body against his. My legs were wrapped around him and his morning wood was resting against my upper thigh. As I admired his beautiful penis, I soon realized that it was not my boyfriend at all. Then I looked up and saw the man’s face. I made some mistakes last night. Now, I just have to try to remember the details that led up to my drunk cheating sex.

Last Night

Last night, I went to a party with some girlfriends. We had all gotten ready together and all arrived together. I remember taking shots as soon as we got there. Then one of my girlfriends had to go home, leaving me and my bestie at the party alone. My best friend is a wild card. Anytime the two of us are together, someone ends up in some trouble. I guess that was me this time around, considering the drunk cheating sex. 

We started chatting up some hot guys. I wasn’t planning on doing anything because I have a boyfriend, but my best friend was definitely looking to hook up. So, we took some more shots and I played as her wing-woman. My job was to entertain the friend while she took the other guy upstairs. When my best friend left me alone with the guy downstairs, we decided to drink some more and dance. We kept things casual until a grinding song came on and I had to show off my moves. 

It Started Off So Innocent!

I started to grind my ass all over the guy I had just met. Then he grabbed my hips and dirty danced with me. I could feel him getting hard behind me. Part of me knew I should stop while I was ahead, but the drunk part of me was having way too much fun teasing him. He turned me around and I had my arms around his neck. Our bodies were feeling the music and I was feeling so sexy. Then, he kissed me.

I Was Just So Horny

It was all over from there. My inhibitions flew out the window and we were full-on making out. At this point, I forgot about my boyfriend completely. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against me and his hands were squeezing my ass. Now I am drunk, horny, and in need of some good dick. I’m not sure how we got back to my house but I can remember him carrying me inside. He laid me back on my bed and ripped my dress open like a maniac. Then he sucked on my perky tits while he fingered me till I was dripping wet! It was incredibly hot! Drunk cheating sex is way more erotic than having sex with the same person over and over again.

Drunk Cheating Sex Is Hot

I reached forward and pulled down his pants. His beautiful cock sprung out and I swallowed him whole into my mouth. I sucked his cock so deep and so hard that I can still feel the soreness in my throat this morning. Our bodies moved aggressively into positions that I can’t even describe. He pounded my tight pussy relentlessly as I screamed out for more. His cock throbbed deep inside of me as I came multiple times. After having drunk cheating sex in all of the hottest sex positons, I took him in my mouth again and drank his cum like another shot of vodka.

Now, I am lying here next to the man I cheated on my boyfriend with. Though I should be feeling some sort of remorse, all I can think about is how amazing last night really was. The drunk cheating sex was so incredibly hot, I think I might wake this guy up for round 2.

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