Drugs, alcohol, music and friends, that’s the kind of house party I walked into on Saturday night. The music was so loud you had to get right next to someone to hear what they were saying. That was how most of my friends partied so this wasn’t any kind of surprise to me.

I don’t do drugs but I’m not going to be judgmental.  As soon as I walked in the door a drink was placed in my hand. I walked the room, said hello to friends, was introduced to people I didn’t know and then I saw him. He was sitting in the back of the room on a couch talking to a few guys with a girl sitting next to him. I could tell by how she was acting that she wasn’t his girlfriend. No, she was trying way too hard to be someone that already had his attention. He looked the bad boy part but with some crystal blue eyes to die for. As I walked by the group I caught his eye. I looked directly into his eyes, flashed him a little smile and kept walking.

It only took him about 30 minutes to finally approach me. He even brought me a drink…how sweet. He made a little small talk and asked if I wanted to go outside to get some air. I downed the drink he had handed me and we made our way out the back door to the deck. The brisk air made me shiver in my little dress. He took off his jacket to cover my bare shoulders. As he closed it around my chest he pulled me into him. He whispered into my ear that he was going to have me tonight. Wow..someone was pretty sure of himself. But as I inhaled the scent of him my pussy started to flood with pleasure. I can be quite the slut, but it usually takes much more to turn me on than that.

Something was going on with me. I was feeling really fucking amazing for not having very much to drink.

I don’t do drugs like I said, but I sure as hell felt like I was on something. My body felt on alert, my senses were heightened and I felt like I NEEDED him. Like REALLY needed him! I wanted him so badly that my pussy was aching. The back yard was fairly empty as we started to make out. Our kissed went from gentle to hungry in a matter of minutes. His hand slid up my skirt and the moment his fingers found my pussy I knew what he said earlier was true.

I had never been so turned on in my life. He didn’t waste any time either. He was on his knees with his face buried in my pussy. The feel of his mouth enclosed around my sensitive clit sent me over the edge. I started to cum all over his face. It squirted from my pussy in such a rush that he started to choke on the amount of it. When he finally stood I saw my juices were running down his chin onto his shirt.

He bent me over the railing, hiked up my skirt and slammed the whole length of his fat cock inside me in one quick move. HOLY FUCK!! I came again instantly! What the fuck was going on with me?! There is no way that this man was just that good. He grabbed my hips and started pounding into me so hard that my tits came out of my low cut dress and were bouncing freely as I leaned over the railing. It felt like only minutes had passed but I came over and over again in almost one long continuous orgasm. My body was shaking as he unloaded his seed deep inside of me. I felt insatiable.

I didn’t want to stop.

When he was done he pulled himself out of my dripping cunt, pulled my panties back into place and turned me around. My cum was covering every inch of the inside of my legs all the way down to my sexy stilettos.

He kissed me again then nibbled on my earlobe which just sent more shivers through my body. He whispered into my ear, “I take it this is your first time on E?” What the fuck! I knew he had to have done something!! I told him I had never done drugs or anything like that and he laughed as he said, “Oh baby girl, you have one hell of a night in front of you. You are going to be a fun one to corrupt.” I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be “corrupted” but if it all felt this good I was definitely willing to try it out. How bad could something that felt so amazing really be? I’m sure he has more drugs in store for me than just Ecstacy but after this, I was willing to try anything once.

I had always been so afraid to try any type of drugs but after tonight I was wondering what the fuck had taken me so long! Do you have any drugs that you’d like to get me to try out? Give me a call, this sexy slut is ready to experiment.

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