Drugs, girl dicks = my ideal date night.

You’ve tried drugs. I know some of you reading this have probably watched a feminization video or two. Also, some of you probably stayed up all night last night watching them.

Of course, I know some of you who call me for forced feminization and verbal abuse may not suspect this from the way I tease and humiliate you. But girls with dicks (who aren’t ashamed or closeted about being trans) make up a significant number of my sexual partners, past present and future. A pretty face and a nice big dick. What more could you want?

Anyway, I was hanging out with some of my lady friends last weekend. One of my part-time girlfriends has her own place, where she has a lot of “Girls Night” type events. The real theme of them, if I’m there at least, is something more like: “Let’s See How Fucked Up We Can Get Aileen And How Many Times We Can Get Her To Suck All Of Us Off!”

I started experimenting with drugs around the same time I started experimenting with my sexuality. So for me, the two vices have always had a special connection. I like to push myself to my limits if I’m with people I trust. People who always show me a good time and know what a little submissive whore this big bad dominatrix can turn into under the right circumstances.

As soon as I got there Friday night we all took some molly.

“Double dose for you so we can have double the fun with you.”

As I started coming up, I definitely felt ready. My friend started sliding her hands into my tight short shorts, unbuttoning them in front of everyone. I helped her slip them off, already reaching over and starting to straddle her. All the other girls watched. Some of them started to strip down to their panties as my friend started playing with me, running her fingers slowly along my swollen clit.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was one of the other girls, with a shot poured for me.

“Thirsty?” she asked, her voice dripping with double entendre and mischievous sweetness.

With glee, I threw the shot back. When my vision cleared and I opened my eyes again, I saw she had put her hard cock right in my face, inches away from my wet lips.

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