Drugged Unconscious FUCK

I was in the mall the other day, just minding my own business and I saw this familiar face. He was short in stature, olive skin, dark hair, glasses, lite beard. We locked eyes at the food court, and I couldn’t figure out where I knew him from. Normally I have a photographic memory, I can place faces better than names… but I couldn’t remember. Little did I know I was about to be drugged.

I went and ordered my sushi and Coke. Making my way to the table, I had to walk by ” him”. I looked at him in passing, and smiled. He said  “Hey Anna, how ya been?”

THEN… I remembered.

This Little Fucker’s name was Derek.  FUCKING ASSHOLE, Derek!

OK, Ill explain.

In High school, I partied quite a bit (still do, for that matter) but back then it was all about getting fucked up, super FUCKED UP and having a good time. So this one night I was at my boyfriends house and he was throwing a party with lots of our friends. He was 6 years older than me, so naturally we had lots of booze.

I had way to many trying to keep up with the big dogs. Everyone was drunk, including my boyfriend who had been doing yager bombs and shots all night, and had pulled out his bass for a Jam session.

And sweet Lil ole light weight me. PASSED OUT  on the couch.

I had probably been sleeping a while because when I woke up the house that had been rocking, was now quiet. And wtf was happening? something was warm and wet between my legs. In my drunken slumber I remember trying to push it away. Telling it to stop, and leave me alone.

I opened my eyes a little and I wasn’t on the couch anymore, I was in a dark room, lying on the hard floor. ” Drink Anna” is all I remember hearing.  The next thing I know, warm beer was getting poured down my throat but it tasted funny.

Then I felt fuzzy. My eyes got heavy, and I felt manly hands squeezing my thighs. I could hear him.

” I can’t wait to fuck you, you tasted so good”

I let out a grunt. I couldn’t even speak.  I was going to pass out, this guy was going to make me his drugged unconscious fuck. It dawned on me that he had drugged me, and it didn’t matter that I was going to be an drugged unconscious fuck, all that mattered to him was he was going to fuck me.

I felt my stockings being ripped off before I felt them. I was screaming for him to stop and he roughly jerked my legs apart, and dug his fingers into my pussy.

I was screaming inside my own head. He fucked me, HARD and rough. I remember the loud sounds his balls made clapping against my taint. I remember him ripping his cock from my swollen cunt and jerking off onto me, letting his spurts of unwanted cum spatter all  over my sore slit.

I Opened my eyes, seeing it was one of my boyfriends best friends. Derek.

I was SHOCKED. Derek had always been sweet, and at one point told me that Lou didn’t respect me enough and I needed to get away from him.

And now here he is, using me for an drugged unconscious FUCK?

… and NOW, here this fucker is in the food court, asking me how I’ve been.

I turned around, walking back toward him and his table of friends. I said ” Hey Derek, I’m shocked you remembered me, seeing as how the last time we saw each other, you had drugged me and used me as an unconscious fuck”

He Looked at all his friends who happened to also be on – team penis- with a mortified look on his face.

I took the lid off my Coke “Did you wanna slip me a little something for ole times sake?”  and I threw it on him!

Looking at his friends as I left- I held my index and thumb together to symbolize ” TINY” and I yelled across the court, and I do mean a ” LITTLE SOMETHING”

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