I never dreamed I’d be someone who could like drugged sex.

And I was so wrong!  However it’s not like I planned on going out and trying to get drugged for sexual purposes – it just sort of happened while I was at this party.  At first, I was a bit ashamed, but now I just can’t get enough of hot, horny drugged sex!

So, we’re at this party having a good time, right?  We go into the ladies room and decide to smoke a joint before heading out on the dance floor with these hot guys we’d met at the bar.  What I didn’t know was that my friend Leah had also dropped some Valium into my drink!  My friends thought it was hilarious that I was  ‘straight edge’.  They didn’t tell me what they did until I fell into Steven, who was dancing with me.  Next thing I remember was being at his house!  I was still awake, but couldn’t move!  Steve was there with one of his friends and another girl.

Steve moved behind the girl, holding her arms behind her back.  Then she was between my legs, licking me!  Euphoria filled me as I came in a haze of pleasure and shame.  Another guy was calling me a whore, and it was turning me on!  I watched them cum on me and in me, and I didn’t care!  This drugged sex was liberating and dirty and fun!  Silently, I took cock, pussy, and toys with a horny bliss!  I remember everything, but don’t know all the people who used me.  My body ached in the morning, like after a workout.  Only I was the gym and the patron, all at once!  For days, I reveled in the depravity and got wet every time.  I hope someone drugs me again…

Do You Have The Fix I Crave?!

Teen Phone Sex!