Drugged Orgasm – Stranger Break In

I was strapped to a table with my legs bonded to the legs of the table. My arms were pulled forward and tied to the other legs. I was basically immobile. My panties were cut from my body and my bra shredded. My tan skin was glistening from all the oil that had been rubbed on me. Something in the oil made me burn for sex. I don’t know what was in it, but my pussy ached and throbbed for cock.

A hand came around my face and popped a pill into my mouth. I was told by a deep husky voice to swallow it. I’d no clue who it was. I was in bed asleep, and next, I was here bound to this table. After a few moments, I felt even hornier and wild. The man in black circled the table, using his fine leather-clad fingers to tickle my body lightly. It made everything feel more sensitive. I tried to arch, I tried to beg. I wanted him, I had no damn clue who he was, but I knew I needed release, sexual release.

He finally gave some deeper input with his strong hands, He stood behind me and massaged my ass cheeks. He pulled them apart and moved them around. This pulled at my pussy making me crazy. I finally felt something ever so lightly flick at my clit. Just a slight touch. I cried out, I needed more! I begged this man to please lick my pussy, I told him I would do anything. He took a long lick from asshole to clit. He sucked my clit hard and buried his nose into my opening. I felt my first orgasm ripple through me. I was clutching the lip of the table and biting my arm.

It felt like I pissed myself when I relaxed. I squirted!

He stood and pulled his cock out. I felt like my pussy could barely handle the head slipping in. I was ready to cum from the pressure he was applying. He thrust in what must have been a 9-inch piece of meat.  I tried to back up more onto his dick, but I couldn’t since he had me tied so well.  He fucked me harder than I thought a woman could physically handle. My pussy didn’t hurt a bit, it was like my lips were grabbing his cock and yanking him back in when he would pull back to bang back in. You could hear the wet smacking of his balls on my pussy. My next orgasm felt like a shock to the system.

I heard him say he wasn’t going to give me his cum. I found myself pleading for it! Pleading for this mystery pervert to give me his load. He pumped deeper and harder the more I begged. After a few pumps a cry of asking for it, he came inside of me.

I woke up the next morning sore. I had no idea how I was back in bed. So I couldn’t wait to see him again. I prayed he would come back to me.

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