How did my night end up with forced public sex?

I was so excited to go out to this college party with you tonight. You’re my best friend after all, but I’m starting to wonder if you were an accomplice the whole time. Friends are supposed to watch out for each other, but you let me get tricked into forced public sex! What kind of friend are you really? Weren’t you the one that was supposed to be watching my drink for me when I went to the bathroom? I don’t know what happened, but suddenly I went from having fun dirty dancing to having to sit down.

Who are these strange men around me? Oh my god, please tell me this isn’t going to turn into forced public sex. I can yell though cause there are lots of people around, so they can’t do anything I don’t want them to, right? You keep telling me that it’s ok and I’m being totally paranoid so I’m gonna believe you. We are besties after all. If I can’t trust my best friend who can I trust, right? You’re so sweet to bring me to a back room away from all the noise.

I was feeling super busy for a minute and you’re right I do need to lay down. It feels so hot in here all of a sudden. Who are those guys standing behind you and why are they starting to pull my clothes off? Are you guys trying to help me cool off? Are you burning up too cause you’re all stripping down? Why can’t I sit up? I feel like I can’t move my body and you’re making me really uncomfortable all of a sudden. Please don’t tell me this is turning into forced public sex.

Don’t rip my panties off, that hurts!

Stop it, why are you prying my legs open for them? You’re my friend, well you’re supposed to be anyway. Get them off of me, please. It feels like I’m in a haze and all I can feel are hands all over my body. I’m completely naked now and there’s cocks pushing into every hole of my tight teen body. Ouch, it hurts, do you know what a naughty double penetration surprise this is? I can’t take being stretched open so wide, why is no one listening to me? Get off of me. Someone help me, please. The music is so loud that no one can even hear me.

Why are you helping them turn me into a total cum dumpster? Wait a minute, are you seriously playing with your pussy watching them make me have forced public sex? What are you doing putting your pussy on my face? You’re dripping wet? This turns you on, doesn’t it? You’re so turned on watching them gang bang me, bareback while they pump load after load of hot sticky cum deep inside of me. You know I’m not on birth control either, what if one of these perverts knock me up? I can hardly breathe with you smothering me with your pussy like this. You’re such a perverted girl, you’re licking their cum right out of my stretched open fuck holes.

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