Drugged, Bound, and Raped

My head was foggy.  I felt disoriented, cold, but definitely not alone.  Blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back, I desperately tried to get a baring on my surroundings.  Was I outside?  Could anyone hear me if I yelled?  How did I even get here?  That’s when I felt a hand caress my hair. Little did I know I was about to be raped.

He smelled of cheap aftershave as he whispered to me not to scream.  I felt my heart skip a beat and fear start to really set in.  He assured me he had no interest in hurting me, just making me do what he wanted.  My head was pounding and I couldn’t stop my body from shaking.  I hear him walk off, but only a few feet before he stopped.  A loud buzzing noise filled the quiet.  A vibrator?

He walked over to me slowly.  I could hear him laughing as he took joy in my terror.  He pressed, what felt like a large wand messager, against my arms.  He then moved it to my tits, holding it over my nipples.  It felt good but I was angry he was forcing this on me.

 I didn’t want to enjoy it.  I didn’t want to get wet.

He moved lower.  He turned it on high as he brushed the head of the wand on my puffy pussy lips.  I let out a loud cry which he quickly muffled with his hand.  Where did he have me that he didn’t want me to be heard?   My mind was racing as he pressed the wand on my clit.  My body bucked and I moaned loudly.  With each of my screams, he laughed harder.  The harder I tried to move away from the stronger the vibrations felt.  I was going to come and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Dripping, shaking, and weaker than ever, he was done with me.  He left me there on that cold, hard floor.  I never found out who he was and was left to be found naked.  He could come back for me at any time.  The fear of being drugged, bound and raped not only kept me in fear but also, secretly, turned me on.  It was almost like I wanted to be raped again.

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