I’m a Drug Smuggler.  I have a dangerous lifestyle. But, it’s also the most sex-fueled adrenaline rush you could EVER hope for… If you’ve got the balls for it, that is!  And… I’ve got just the balls for it!  It started innocently enough… as a young college student traveling for studies to Istanbul, Turkey during the summer with friends. We had decided to backpack it through the mountains and had a GORGEOUS guide named Kaan. Did I say he was gorgeous?  because, what I MEANT to say was, Damn, he was fine! Heehee.  We immediately took him up on his offer to lead us through the mountainous region. We needed to see the parts of Turkey tourists never usually get to see.  And that’s why we had cum.  Of course, that night…both Kaan and I came a lot.  Heehee. I had him balls deep in my ass before he could blow out his lantern!  And what they say about men from that region is NOT true.  Kaan ate pussy like a champ!  Clearly, they DO eat pussy…and ass!

The early morning trek was a bit rough, but seeing Kaan wearing only a dampened rag about his head; covering that fabulous mane of shiny, curly, black hair.   All that was revealed that morning was his dark tanned skin and his crystal, clear, blue eyes. Long lashes flanked the whites of his eyes and looking down his perfect body, my eyes rested (heavily) on his bulging cock…which wasn’t even hard yet.  It just lay there like a lazy dog in the sun!  He was a delight all by himself.  But, we were on a mission.  So, I let it slide… for then. Haha.

Before long, we were deep in the mountains; most of the terrain was very easy to walk.  We met one of Kaan’s friends, Habib and that’s when the sexy fun began.  It didn’t take much convincing to get us girls on board with their international crime scheme and even less to talk me into becumming a drug smuggler!  And all the places I had in mind to stash the drugs.  We would be hauling hashish, so careful packaging would be CRUCIAL to not DYING while we carried!

The hash was manipulated and due to its soft, resin quality, shaped into… for lack of a better word… a dildo form.  It was then multi-wrapped in both foil and plastics, then inserted into each of our pussies… I have to say, it added to the fear and excitement of the whole deal.  I AM a drug smuggler!  What?  From there we boarded the luxury yacht in the style of a Feadship Twizzle.  We were treated like royalty with luxuriously appointed suites and artwork.  But, the real deal was to fuck our way through Customs all over the world with a pussy packed with Hash.  We do it so well.

Did I stutter when I said, “DO”?  LOL  I don’t think so.  What?  It’s STILL a lucrative business ten years later. Sometimes I set up my deals via phone sex; at other times, it’s all word of…mouth…so to speak. Giggle. I pack that pussy and “she” packs her own wallop! Works for us every time.  So, you have something you need from your drug smuggler?  Or, you just in the market for the OTHER things I carry?  Call me.  You never know… I’m pretty sure I carry your drug of choice.  Let’s find out!



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