The gift card was inside of a birthday card that had been left on the table by my boyfriend. The card read,

“Hey babe,

Sorry I couldn’t be with you for your birthday. I will have something special waiting for you when you get home tonight. Until then, enjoy your massage. The gift card is good at any location. See you soon mi Amor.

Love, Jacob <3″

I thought it was super sweet and I really needed a massage, especially since I had been hitting the gym pretty hard that week. When I got to the massage spot I was greeted with a warm smile from the beautiful receptionist. She sort or reminded me of a curvier Emily Blunt. She offered me peppermint tea and told me to take a seat. “The massage therapist will be with you shortly.”

I closed my eyes and waited patiently as the soothing caribbean music took me to paradise. The male voice that brought me out of my tropic trance was smooth, sexy and familiar. What the fuck? My boyfriend had set my massage appointment with his best friend? I had forgotten that Rodney was a massage therapist. But I had no idea that he worked at this place AND again…why would my boyfriend set me for a massage session with his bf?

I followed Rodney to the back where the massage room was waiting for me. Before he told me to remove my clothes (even my underwear) he assured me that I had nothing to worry about. He said that this was his profession and that I could trust that he wouldn’t take advantage of me. He prepared another peppermint tea for me and told me to get undress. He would be back in about 5 minutes.

The warm oil dripping onto the small of my back was one of the last things I remembered before my eyes became to heavy for me to keep open. His hands slid and sloped around my thighs. His voice was in a whisper when he told me that he had, “been waiting a long time to get me like this.” “You’re so beautiful. Rest my beauty. I will make you feel better than ever.” I was out.

When I opened my eyes I was on my back. Rodney was naked and on top of me. His hard dick was sliding in and out of my pussy as I slowly came to. My legs were weak and tied to the massage bed. My arms were free but too weak to be moved. He had drugged me and now he was on top of me. The feeling was surreal. Was I dreaming or was this really happening? Both of our bodies were oiled which his cock slamming into my pussy even more pleasurable.

oiled tits gif

When I tried to speak only mumbling came out of my mouth. Rodney saw me trying to form words so he pressed his tongue into my mouth. He was fucking me really good. The drug or whatever he put in my tea had made my clit extra sensitive. I could feel every thrust of his penis into my vagina. He braced himself on the sides of the bed as he fed my pussy with steady pumps. I was conscious for the most part. He told me that this was his special birthday gift to me.

He was gentle and he kept saying that I was the most beautiful woman in the world. “Jacob is lucky to have you.” My body was in complete surrender to him. I had no control whatsoever. He licked me from my nipples all the way down to my toes. I wondered if my boyfriend had set this up just for this to happen. When my pussy was completely open and his cock had left a gaping hole inside of me Rodney removed his cock from my vagina and placed in my mouth.

He pumped his warm creamy load into my mouth and I took it like a big girl. His cum slid down my throat with ease. After he came in my mouth he massaged my entire body and I enjoyed every stroke of his strong hands.  He manipulated my breasts, fondled my thighs and fingered the dripping cum out of my quivering cunt. The drug was wearing off by the time he finished up with sucking my toes again. He told me that the drug would wear off in about an hour. He helped me get dressed and walked me to the front counter where, by this time, I was able to tell the pretty receptionist that I would like to make another appointment for next Saturday.

He waited with me until the cab came. He wished me a Happy Birthday and said that he would text Jacob to let him know that I was on my way back to him. When I walked into the front door of our condo Jacob had turned our living room into a scene straight from a romance novel. There he was standing with candles lit all around him. He was my perfect prince charming. He took my coat and sat me down at the table that was set with all of my favorite foods.

“I love you more than life Carmen. Happy Birthday baby.” We kissed. He pulled my chair out for me. I sat down slowly because I was still a little groggy. He smiled and said that I looked tired. “So baby, how was the massage?” I smiled and said, “Oh, it was great…I didn’t know Rodney worked at that location.”

I just love being a naughty girlfriend! I can be yours too 😉



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