Drive Through Dick

I am a horny little slut. I love to fuck and suck dick, anyway I can. I will tell you how big of a slut I am….are you ready boys?

I went to go get myself some food, little to my knowledge my check had not cleared just yet. So my card was declined at the fast food place I was at. Hehe…I still found a way to get free food. Now I am not shy to exchange food for sex or Phone Sex! 😛 When I get hungry I am hungry! Hehehehe!

So I went to get my food and did not have the money to pay for it. The manager came to the window and told me to pull around and we will work something out. So I did that. Mmm, boy did we work something out. I pretty much have free food for a year!

He got into my car and started to touch me, feeling my tits and trying to finger me. I asked him what I was getting out of this and he told me all the free food I want. Now I love me some chicken and fried veggies! *giggles* So I grabbed my shirt and let my tits just bounce out of my shit. His dick got so hard I had to suck it. Mmm, I wanted my free food! So I did fuck him so raw when he got out of my car he could barely walk.

So if you work in fast food I hope you encounter a girl like me! You get to fuck her and go back to work being able to ‘please’ your customer to the full extent! I bet all of you are that naughty. I hope that none of you think this is the first guy I have had fun with! 😉 There has been many many more! I am actually going to a gay event tonight! I wonder how much pussy I can suck to get some free drinks and free food! 😉 Is there any boy…or man out there who wants to give me everything I am searching for? If so give me a call! Even if not call me anyway! I am too horny to be picky!

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