I’m craving some kinky dressing room sex.

I have to admit I came shopping today with one goal in mind, hot dressing room sex! One of the perks of being married to a rich man is of course getting all of the beautiful clothes that I desire. Today I desire something entirely different and you are just the man to give me what I need. The moment I walked through the door I noticed you looking me up and down with hunger. You weren’t just looking at me as a potential customer, were you? Yes, I am in need of a personal shopper today but I need a whole lot more than that.

Step into the dressing room with me. These outfits are very complicated and require some hands-on assistance. Are you up for the task? From the look of that bulge pressing against the front of your pants, I can see that you’re more than willing, and oh so equipped for the job. I’m not suggesting dressing room sex, but if that’s where it leads than so be it. I hate to send you back out on the department room floor with blue balls and a raging hard-on from helping me try these very skimpy outfits on.

That would make for a very uncomfortable workday, don’t you agree? Your hands are so big and warm and the feel of them sliding up and down my body is making my panties wet. You’re definitely lingering on the curves of my body. You like what you see and what you feel, don’t you sexy? The thought of having hot public sex with you has my nipples so hard and my pussy so very wet! The press and throb of your cock against my tight ass says you’re ready too.

It’s time to set that big, throbbing cock free from those pants.

Watch me drop down to my knees in front of you. It’s a good thing these dressing rooms are pretty spacious because we are about to put every inch of it to use. I just love watching myself reflected in all these mirrors as I drop down to my knees. Your cock is so impressive, it’s so very heavy smacking up against my lips. The feel of it stretching my mouth open so very wide is making me wet with anticipation.

A cock this long and thick, that stretches my mouth open so wide, absolutely belongs in my tight juicy pussy. Let me enjoy the taste and feel of your big dick before you bend over though. Your pre-cum is so delicious, I just might have you blow your load in my mouth at the end so I can swallow and taste it. I can see and feel how much it’s turning you on watching my head bob up and down on your thick cock as I moan around it. It’s unbelievable how it’s swelling up even bigger and harder than it was when I started.

Slip that big dick between my big tits and let me watch you titty fuck me before you slide down even lower. Turn me around so I can press my hands up against the mirrors and we can enjoy the show from every angle. It’s a good thing that I picked out so many outfits to try on, or half the store would be back here looking for me already. I suppose being notorious for large shopping sprees here is paying off today. Slip my panties down to my ankles and slide behind me.

Thrust that big hard cock deep inside me from behind.

I need to feel every single inch of your big dick stretching me open, balls deep. It looks like you may need to slip those wet panties into my mouth. We don’t want the entire store to hear this no limits cougar enjoying your delicious cock. Although it would probably make a whole lot of people horny as fuck if they do hear our dressing room sex. Make my titties bounce as you drive that big dick all the way inside of me. Mmm, it feels so good, I don’t know if the panties will be enough to muffle my moans and screams.

I’m pretty sure anyone within a few feet of this dressing room can absolutely hear the wet slapping sounds of my drenched pussy and your big hard cock pounding in and out of me. The feel of my tight pussy squeezing your dick is too much to take, isn’t it? I can feel how full your balls are, how rock hard your cock is. Pull that big dick out and shoot your hot sticky load right down the back of my throat. Isn’t dressing room sex the absolute best?

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