Rape in the dressing room!

A rape while shopping on Black Friday wasn’t something I thought I would say. Especially since it happened to me! But, the thing about it is that I kind of liked it. But, I guess I’m naughty like that.

So, I was shopping with some family at 3 am on Black Friday. I grabbed SO much stuff like shirts, pants, dresses, toys, everything I could grab. But, I needed a little break from the madness since there were people fighting out there.

I headed into the dressing room to take a moment and breathe. Only a couple of people were in there so it wasn’t that bad. I sat down and started looking through social media. I heard someone walk in and close to my room but thought nothing of it.

The person got into the room next to mine and I paid no mind to them. I just started taking my clothes off to try on a dress that I really liked. My nipples got so hard in the cold dressing room air.

I was struggling to get my shirt off of my head when I felt something warm and wet on my right nipple! I quickly pulled my shirt off and gasped to find a huge, bald, white man sucking on my nipple!

I tried to let out a scream

But, the man grabbed my mouth and was able to push me up against the wall and tape my mouth. I thought to myself, “Please don’t rape me!” And then he turned me around and quickly duct-taped my arms behind my back. I don’t think this was his first rape.

I struggled to try and break free but I am only 5’2″ and 115 lbs. so it was too hard for me. He ripped my thong off of me and bent me over. I cried and tried to grab him but he had spat on my asshole already and was sliding his cock on the spit.

He shoved his cock in and slammed me against his body. He fucked my tiny body so hard that I still have bruises! But, I came so hard from his very thick dick.

He pulled out of me and pulled the tape off my arms, whispered in my ear “Tell no one. I know you LOVED that,” and darted from the room. I stood there and gathered my things. But, left with a smile on my face because of the cum dripping down my leg.

For more of my steamy sex stories… stay tuned. 😉

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