Shopping Horny Makes For The Best Public Sex Stories

I love shopping, what teen doesn’t? So every weekend what do I do? I spend my days in my stomping grounds. Sometimes though while spending all that money, I get a bit horny. The other day I decided to carry my dildo with me just in case that happened. So after running around for about half a day looking for the perfect dress I stepped into a dressing room, pulled out my dildo and it made for one of the hottest public sex stories you’ll ever read.

It was a busy day but I didn’t care. My tight teen pussy was already soaking wet and I needed something big and thick inside me. I pulled the dildo out of my bag and suctioned it on the mirror. I like to see myself cum over and over again. The first thing I did was suck on it. Once it was soaking wet I took off my clothes. I laid on my back, spread my legs and got close to the mirror. I started pushing towards it and letting that big thick dildo stretch my little cunt.

While I did that I played with my clit and looked at myself on the mirror some more.

It might sound like I am vain but I just love looking at myself. When my little cunt was ready to take more I turned over and got on all fours. I started backing my ass up on that big dildo, then I heard someone knock on the door. One of the employees at the store asked if I had liked the dress. I told her yes and that I was going to take it while still slowly pushing onto that big dildo. It wasn’t too long after I came so hard, I actually squirted all over the floor. Oops, I guess someone needs to clean that up!

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