Dressing Room Lesbian Sex Is So Exciting!

There are only a few things more fun than dressing-room lesbian sex. Massive thick cock would rank up there. My girlfriends and I decided it was time for some new lingerie. We love shopping for sexy clothes for naughty fun with our husbands. There are a few stores we love to shop and one of them is Victoria’s Secret. On this shopping trip, things went a little differently than we had planned. We never dreamed that we would end up having kinky dressing room lesbian fun.

We love having fun and tend to get into trouble when we are together. Our friendships are almost as old as we are. Many memories and deep bonds have tested our friendships, but I think we are all closer because of our love for one another. When we were younger, we would all go to summer camp together. Of course, we were always doing tons of sporting activity in the hot summer heat. Our bodies were covered in sweat and we were always ready for a shower by the time we finished.

Imagine my surprise when all my friends came in simultaneously and we had wet shower time fun together. All of us loved exploring each other’s tight teen bodies and learning how to please each other. Oh, the naughty fun we had those summers.

Now, that we are grown up we have hot Dressing Room Lesbian Fun!

Christina, Veronica, Monica, Terra, and Tammy are my hot girlfriends and we are still as close as ever. At Victoria’s Secret, we all grabbed our choice of lingerie and went into dressing rooms.

Of course, none of us went into the dressing room alone. It was three and three in the dressing rooms. As we undressed, we teased each other and pinched each other’s nipples. Then, we started kissing each other deeply. I love Veronica’s large tits and suckling on her hard nipples as Terra pulled down my already wet panties to taste my pussy.

In the other dressing room, we could hear Christina moaning loudly as Tammy was biting her nipples. I know that Christina has always loved her nipples being played with so much. If I know Monica she was probably pulling down both their panties so she could finger their pussies. She has always been incredible with her hands and fingers.

Within no time, Terra brought me to a climax and I came all over her face. Oh man, she was so good. Damn, I loved our dressing room lesbian fun. The other customers were curious and tried to see what was going on. Of course, we happily invited any takers to join us.

It didn’t happen that day, but it has before.

Interestingly enough, no one ever complained to the staff when we took a little longer playing. I think we turned the customers on and they liked listening to our naughty fun. I could tell that two of the other customers were masturbating in the other dressing rooms as we had our dressing room lesbian fun. Honestly, I wish they would have joined us! We would have rocked their world.

We spent our time playing with new outfits and making each other cum many times over and over. It was our favorite thing to do and we had more sexy shopping to do. Oh yes, this was not the only store we got naughty in. We have done naughty things in other stores as well.


So, what would you have done if you heard six girls having dressing room lesbian fun?  Let’s have some hot phone sex and find out.

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